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"STEPHEN IT'S ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, the size detail texture colour, everything. More importantly tho you have captured the feeling I wanted. I appreciate the effort you have put in for the painting and also helping me form my ideas. I could not be happier - Lee Gibson UK - Kate Moss Shoes

"I love it! it's the best birthday present I've ever had and I'd definitely love another one, I guess I'll have to persuade my mum and dad. it's up on my wall and looks great, thank you so much! - Caitlin Giffiord UK - Rihanna

" Absolutely love her!!! My only complaint it took about half hour to get her out of the packaging!! Haha " - Sheila Corrigan UK - Brigitte Bardot

"We just love it !!!!!! David and I are delighted with our commission and cannot thank you enough. I must admit we took a huge risk commissioning off the net without ever seeing your work. From our first emails we just felt that it was right. Please let us know if you are ever in Melbourne so you can come and have a drink and see Battle of L'Amour in its new home. It really is amazing how two people who have never met have managed to come together for this project. Thank you so much and please keep in touch." - April & David Broadie AUS - Battle Of L'Amour

"Finally got to pick it up on Christmas morning. .It looks awesome!! Everyone I had over for Christmas loved it! I will be showing it to more friends and family on New Years Eve. Once again thanks for everything." Eric Lucas USA - Boondock Saints 2

"Hey Stephen... yes, it's awesome! Just love it in the living room/kitchen above the table... first thing you see entering the room. Very happy and the delivery way quick... my only complaint is how bloody difficult it was to unwrap it! hahaha it was like a war zone in here hahaha but I appreciate the care for the travel." - Darryl Krobel UK - MJ, This Is It

"Hi Stephen. Thanks so much for the fabulous painting of Oscar that Richard gave me for Xmas. I love it! It's brilliant! Thanks so much" - Louise Holman UK - Oscar Dog

"Oh man, I love how they turned out and they. look far better than what I imagined from the beginning. I want to thank you for taking the time to make these for me and also tell you that i really love how you have kept me notified whit the progress. The way that you have met my demands and also put your own thoughts and ideas is really amazing. I can't thank you enough." - John Nilsson Swe - Boondock Saints

"I got the painting on Friday last week and i love it, the look and texture of the painting is awesome i am so happy with it.
I hung it as soon as i got it, I love the finished product i am very happy with it.. Thank you for the job you have done it has exceeded all of my expectations you really did an amazing job. I thank you also for all of the updates as well you were a pleasure to deal with very professional and a great artist i will be recommending. you to my friends and family. Thank you again Stephen" - James Findlay Aus - Blue Eyes

"Fucking AWESOME!!!! Thankyou muchly you clever man" - Jessica Lucy Millar UK - Sundance Banana

"I have to say that it is money well spent. I love the painting and I can't wait to see how it looks on my wall" - James Plummer Czech Rep - Wolverine Vs Deadpool

"Well I returned from work early this! morning to my enormous Christmas in July package! Upon opening, and sir I can tell you that's the most amazing pack job I've ever experienced...I couldn't believe the quality of the work. A friend of mine was with me when we opened it an he was absolutely stunned!!!!!!!!! Oustanding and without a doubt my most favorite piece in the house!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more happy. As stated before, I will ABSOLUTELY be partaking in follow-on commission paintings from you. Your timeliness, customer service, updates, and craftsmanship are truly a work of art (pun intended)." - Chirs Audet USA - Mustang

"Stephen, I love love love my painting.... just exactly what I wanted, and so much better than I anticipated.  I truly feel you captured exactly what I had hoped for in Elliott Smith, and it's amazing you have so many different paintings and a diversity of subjects...  Holy shit!" - Natalie Dial USA - Elliott Smith

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to say a huge thank you for the paintings! I know Steve's already emailed you, but thought I would too! Both paintings were absolutely gorgeous and will be treasured! Steve absolutely loved the one you did for me and it now has pride of place in his living room! Mine was also absolutely amazing! It is currently being shown off at every possible moment! Thanks again" Jade Yates UK - Steve & Jade 1 - Steve & Jade 2

"I think she looks absolutely fantastic. The eyes are awesome We are really delighted with her." - Owen Woodley USA - Bardot

"Midna looks awesome, consider me once again a very satisfied customer!" - Tim Milne UK - Midna

"These are AMAZING! I am now the owner of these paintings "Fred is my husband" and we just put them up. I was a little concerned at first because I did not know what to expect, but I am so happy that Fred went with you and we could not be happier! We will send you pics soon! Thanks so much for sharing your talent & passion with us!" - Fred & Kristie Rath USA - JBJ Sambora

"I received your piece last night and I cannot describe how UNBELIEVABLY happy I am with how it turned out!!" - Nick Noethe USA - Jack & Sally

"Well. I finally made it around to the parents house and have collected it this morning...and......I'm blown away. It is an amazing painting. You've absolutely and totally captured John Frusciante, it's perfect. I am very, very happy indeed. Thank you so much. This will have pride of place on my wall...I know that it's going to capture the eye of everyone who comes around to my flat, your painting is so striking. Once again Stephen, many thanks. I can't stop smiling Take care, all the very best, and long may you continue to bring pleasure to people through your art!" - Huw Know - UK - John Frusciante

Early this morning, I received my traditional Birthday phone call from my sister who, at the end of our conversation, said she was sending me a video link I had to watch........ Dave and our daughter Zoe were in my office watching along.....Thinking it was like so many of the JBJ videos I've seen in the past, I wasn't expecting anything extraordinary. 30 seconds later I think I blurted out "hey, that's just like my photo"...... but still, never made the connection. As I rocked out in my chair to Keep the Faith (a fave).... I marveled at your work on all the tiny little lights !Finally, it happened ..... you looked into the camera (signaled me to wait) painted the wish... and revealed.....Stephen, I burst into tears..... it was surreal.... I cannot describe my reaction. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is an absolute treasure and honestly.... your looking into the camera was like looking into my soul ready to deliver a beautiful gift. - Amy 'Boots' Ruff USA- JBJ Commission

"Happy with it??? haha, she absolutely adores it. As do I. You really did us proud. Within 5 minute of getting it, she had practically phoned the entire family screaming her off in excitement." - Neil Mclauchlan SCOT - Dave Grohl

"Just wanted to let you know the painting arrived today and it looks even better in person." - Scott Schottler USA - Metallica

"I LOVE IT!!! Brought a tear to my eye! I can honestly say, it is the best present I've ever bought! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in." - James Ibbs UK - James and Demi

"She loves it!!! In her words "it's the best present anyone has ever bought for me"." - James Ibbs (on Demis reaction) UK - James and Demi

"We both love it, it's taking pride of place on our living room wall." - Jon Freeman UK - Jon and Natalie

"Adore it. You've outdone yourself! Thank you for realising the vision so beautifully." Keli Thomas AUS - Monarch

"My twilight paintings I love them even more than befor lol! They look soooo good all together. I'm so glad now I went for all 4 now!! Thank you soo much for doing them for me!" - Gemma Lowe UK - Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn

"Absolutely love the painting, everyone i've shown has been very impressed" - Vicky Hodges UK - Amy & Adam

"Just received it. It looks awesome! Thanks again Stephen. I'll definitely want more in the future." - Joey Brantley USA - Lost Jack

"I love it! He will enjoy pride of place over our piano and has been dubbed 'the funny man" by our four year old twin daughters. Thank you once again - I am very appreciative of your work on this and have already shared your website (and speed-painting video of Tom) with several friends. Keep up the good work!" - Matt Lettella Canada - Tom Waits 7

"The result is just amazing I love the way you paint Stephen." - Boris Greffe France - Han Banana Solo

"Feckin' stunning Steve! Absolutely beautiful" - Ismet Mustafic UK - Chick Corea

"The painting has arrived, it is amazing, and it is now on my wall! Thanks so much!" - Steve Hollyman UK - Hunter S. Thompson

"Thank you so much for all the work you've put into it for us. It's an amazing reminder of an amazing night" - Claire Gifford UK - 30STM Live

"Wow stephen these are amazing... I love these and dont be suprized if i order more! I have these painting placed so when i walk into my appartment they are the first things i see. Your truly did a amazing job on these! Thank You Very Much" - Byron Zelasek Canada - Joker 1 & Scarface

"Just wanted to let you know the painting has arrived safe and sound and it's amazing, everything I hoped it would be. A very cool image, expertly crafted, that I will enjoy admiring for a long time. It's going to impress my friends - I am very lucky to have snapped it up! - Jim Cannon UK - Joker 2

"I just got the painting and i'm speechless. It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the gorgeous painting! Can't wait to purchase more art from you! :)" - Morgan Bowers USA - Jeff Buckley Ocean

only problem now is we are running out of wall space for all the lovely paintings boohoo" - Mark Midgley UK - Hepburn & Foo Fighters

"I absolutely LOVE the painting" - Sue Stevenson USA - The Beatles

"Thank you SO much for the painting! I'm actually in love with it It was such a great surprise from my parents, I'm so happy with it, It looks amazing, you've done it so well, the colours are fantastic! I really appreciate you taking the time to do such a good job, thanking you muchly!" - Kim Ford UK - Killers Live

"Just wanted to tell you how much I love it ! It looks great on the pictures, but it is nothing compared to the real thing ! It's beautiful, I LOVE it" - Wendy Cairoli Luxemburg - Imaginarium

"Stephen, you have touched me and Caroline so deeply with the picture of Isla and Jaedon words can't even get close to how happy we are. thank you so much" - Tony Quick UK - Isla & Jaedon

"Peach arrived Friday and she looks splendid! She certainly brings colour to the room ^^ and she will look perfect next to Mario." - Lewis Green UK - Princess Peach

"Yippee!! He arrived yesterday and he's FAB!! I love him and so does my son, just perfect for the room." - Jan Wilcox UK - Banana Trooper

"This commission was a surprise birthday gift for my wife. Stephen worked with me from the beginning, all the way through to the end, allowing me to be part of the process. As you can see, the piece is stunning! We are very happy. Thanks again Stephen." - Barry Horwitz USA - Jon Bon Jovi 40 Love Songs

"I am absolutely blown away by your painting. It's fantastic and I'm going to do my best to get Robert to see it himself - he will love it." - Sali Mustafic UK - Robert Banana Plant

"The canvas has arrived in perfect order! And, just like your name, quick too! I must say, it looks even better than on photo! Amazing!
Friends of mine are going to be so jealous! Thank you for a great transaction! I wish you a lot of success". - Tom De Tant Belg - Mike Patton

"Got the painting today and its amazing, thanks, loved the large bubble wrap, that gave me a couple of hours of entertainment" - Anthony Dowdall UK- Jeff Buckley

"I've got it!! It came yesterday. Sooo happy and it looks great. Man I am so in love with the painting." - Sabine Hass Germany - Mike Patton 4

"The painting arrived, and I have to say... I'm absolutely enthused! It's really much more impressing, than the pictures you've
sent, could show. You are a great artist! Thanks for that wonderful work!" - Sabrina Abel UK - Final Fantasy Rinoa

"He loved it, you are very talented and I will defo pass on the word how fabulous you are!" - Sophie Woodward UK - RHCP

"Gerard does actually rock, funny tho cos I get some sort of 'Thriller' type vibe off the painting as well, his eyes are a bit disturbing, but that is totally my thing. I love It!!" - Kelly Homewood UK - Gerrad Way, I'm Not Okay

"It's really fantastic. I'm running out of words of praise for your work. It's excellent. I love the look and the colours and the size and everything - it's perfect. Thank you" - Claire Gifford UK - Muse

"Stephen - received the painting today. My Stepdad was absolutely over the moon with it he loved it so much he almost started crying !! (softy or what ?!). He really wasn't expecting anything like it (probably thought he was going to get some socks again !!).Thank you so much for your fantastic work. Our house is starting to look like a Stephen Quick Art Gallery !! " - Tom Henderson UK - REM

"Brandi came today....i love it so much. its so realistic, and i just want to thank you again!!" - Nicole Harrison USA - Brandi Carlile

I"'ve received the painting and I'm over the moon with it! It's even better than I knew it would be. Thanks for your hard work, I'm very pleased with the results & will continue to recommend you to friends." - Neil Coleman UK - Warhammer

"It looks fantastic" - Liz Lewis - Get Carter

"The paintings are awesome!!!" - Richard lyons UK - Spider-Man, Cloud, Wolverine

"Can't tell you how good it is. I'm really, really, really (etc) pleased." Sarah Clarke UK - Sarah Portrait

"Lovely piece Steve. Thanks"- Gary Churchwood UK - Nude On Purple.

"Brilliant painting just what I wanted" - Diane Ellis UK - Buffy and Angel.

"Awesome Painting" Mark Clarke UK - Space Marine

"Oh my god! They are awesome!!!! Obviously I knew you were an excellent artist, but I couldn't have imagined they'd be so fantastic!!! I'm so pleased, I can't tell you.. I can't thank you enough" - David Faithful UK - Unbreakable & Collateral

"I love it, just compliments wolverine perfectly." Mark Stanley UK - Spider-Man

"Pavarotti is in our living room and looks just perfect." - Rhiannon Morgan UK - Pavarotti Banana

"'The chosen ones' went down a storm - all the wedding guests loved it" - Rhiannon Morgan UK - The Chosen Ones Commission

"Great portrait of Tom Waits" - Darren Mcivor UK - Tom Waits

"Excellent piece of art....many thanks" - Mark Coltman UK - Gagged Nude

"Absolutely mega painting and delivered well quick too brilliant" - Leila Jones - Jeff Buckley

"FANTASTIC-my son will be delighted i'm sure. Very many thanks" - Christina Hale UK - Mike Patton

"Amazing service, Wonderful painting, excellently packed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!" - David Faithful UK - Light Sabers

"I got the Spawn painting this morning, it's absolutely fantastic ! Thank you so very much for your work, it really captures the essence of spawn and I know that Todd McFarlane would appreciate it as much as me." - Nick Harrild UK - Spawn

"It is lovely and I am very pleased with it. - Very well packed" - Kirsty Rose UK - A Rose By Any OtherName 1

"I absolutely love the painting. The colour is great, and i know he will love it." - Chanel Dusauzay UK- Spider-Man In Brown

"That is absolutely stunning, better than I had imagined. If I had half your talent i'd be a millionaire by now :)" - Kelly Melody UK - Mike Patton

"He's just great! I love the painting. It'll go in my grand old staircase, so it's one of the first paintings you see when you come in the front door. Thanks so much" - Cassie Stocks USA - Tom Waits

"The actual painting looked 10 times better than the photo and I have to say it was probably the best birthday present I've ever bought, definately worthy. He couldn't stop saying how much he loved it! You have a truly unique talent, I hope you keep it up! Thanks for eveything x" - Roxy Varga UK - Catwoman

"That is legendary...loved the painting, would defo consider more..." - Hardeep S Jhutti UK - Phoenix and Wolverine

"All recieved well and in perfect condition, and she proudly hangs on my wall." Luke Johnson UK - Nude On Blue Tears

"Thank you, it arrived last week. Love it so much!" Kelly Melody UK -Jeff Buckley

"I just wanted you to know that i absolutly LOVE my Pulp Fiction painting.,It has proud of place over my mantle piece and looks stunning...Thanks again!!" - Victoria Barber UK - Pulp Fiction Mia

"Hey, I received the painting today safe and sound, and jeez it looks great, i'm more than pleased." - Bernard Landavazo USA - Jeff Buckley

"Daniel is totally in love with it. Says it is brilliant very cool." - Clare Harper UK - Banana Pulp Fiction

"I look forward to hanging that amazing painting on my wall." - Chris Spear UK - Spider-Man The Kiss

"Thank you for the painting it really is better than I expected and the postage was excellent." - Jez D. Clay UK - Jeff & Tim

"Just wanted to let you know my wife has received it and loves it." - Donald Locke USA - Buffy

"Just received the painting, i'm thrilled to bits with it!" - Neil UK - Space Marine

"I love the Wolverine painting. I've just moved into a new apartment (well flat to me) and he looks great on the wall. Really smart." - Mark Stanley UK Wolverine

"I absolutely love it and it's amazing! I'm a HUGE Bob Dylan fan, and was so happy to see that this painting was even nicer than in the picture." - Ashley Romanchuk USA - Dylan Warp

"I did receive the painting and it is just what I had hoped for My husband has been raving about it ever since it arrived. Finally, we found something he and I can agree on; he normally hates my taste in art" - Stafini USA - Nude

"I love it! Thank you so much!!!!!" - Marlene Marcus USA - Nightmare Before Christmas

"Thank you very much received painting on Thursday it is brilliant. I look forward to make more dealing with you thanks" -Gavin UK - Moulin Rouge

"The painting was gorgeous, will have it framed. Many many thanks" - Kathy - Horse

"It turned up this morning, absolutely love it - amazing, thank you so much" - Calvin UK - Tim Burton

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